About The Kentown Children's Palliative Care Programme

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme is a community focused children’s palliative care initiative in North West England covering Lancashire and South Cumbria. It is a new groundbreaking and transformative project to reach the growing numbers of children and young people with life-limiting conditions and to ensure that every family gets the right care and support, when and where they need it. 

What is it?

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme is a collaborative programme between Together for Short Lives, The Kentown Wizard Foundation and Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. It is a community focused model with three key complementary elements: Nursing Care, Social Care and Information and Awareness, so families can easily access all the help and support they need in their local communities. 

How will it make a difference?

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme offers a unique approach to families, bringing expert nursing to children at home, together with respite care, social care and wider  support they need, as well as accessible information so they can make informed choices about their child’s care.  

Along with delivering the right care to families, when and where they need it, The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme aims to raise awareness so families know what help is available locally and can access listening and signposting support and find out more about housing, financial, benefits and legal advice and support grants they may need.  

The Kentown Programme will invest in supporting professionals who care for children with life-limiting conditions through an ongoing programme of education and training to increase their knowledge and awareness of children’s palliative care. By creating greater awareness of children’s palliative care among professionals, the project aims to ensure that more children and families will be successfully referred to the right services and support networks. This approach will create greater equity for all seriously ill children and families.  

Getting the right care and support will help families to be families, affording them time and space to making precious memories together that can last a lifetime. 

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