The Kentown Children's Palliative Care Programme

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme is a community focused children’s palliative care initiative in North West England covering Lancashire and South Cumbria. It is a new groundbreaking and transformative project to reach the growing numbers of children and young people with life-limiting conditions.

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme is a collaborative programme between Together for Short LivesThe Kentown Wizard Foundation and Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

It is a community focused model with three key complementary elements: Nursing Care, Social Care and Information and Awareness, so families can easily access all the help and support they need in their local communities.

The needs of children and their families are at the heart of The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme. Accessing the children’s palliative care that families need at home, out of hours and at weekends, should never depend on where families live. The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme has a bold ambition to ensure every child and family get the right care and support, based around the unique needs of the family at home so families can make the most of every precious moment together.  

Our vision is community focused, designed to build and strengthen relationships with every community, so we can reach out to all families, including communities with the greatest need, reaching more families from underrepresented groups.   

The project will invest in building on established children’s palliative care and support services, strengthening co-ordination and avoiding duplication to make life easier for families.  

Latest news

The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme in North West England has reached its one-year milestone, supporting over 128 families across Lancashire and South Cumbria.
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